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Former Washington State Representative and Realtor
Leonard Christian is running for Spokane County Assessor


Endorsed By


Spokane Home Builders

Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich

Home Builder Dave Nerren

Republicans of Spokane County

Commissioner Al French

Former Councilwoman Nancy McLaughlin

Spokane County GOP    

Valley Councilman Ben Wick    

Councilwoman Brandi Peetz    


Election season can bring confusion on whom to vote for, especially if we look past party affiliation and desire to vote for the people we believe will serve our community in the very best ways. For me, Leonard Christian - who is running for county assessor - is such a person. He is a man of great integrity and has proven through literally hundreds of volunteer hours that people matter.

If it had not been for Leonard Christian’s efforts, the Intersection at the River Food Bank in Otis Orchards would not be able to help ease the burden that many families experience. He tirelessly and sacrificially volunteered; giving his time, his finances and his expertise to help us establish the food bank that provides food every week for hundreds of people. Why would he do that? Because he truly cares about people and our community. He is the kind of person I know we can trust and will do right by us all.

I am voting for Leonard and I hope you do as well.

Gary L. Hebden

you feel that property taxes are fairly assessed? Do you trust that your assessor's office is efficiently and effectively using its resources with the public in mind? If not, you (yes, you!) can do something about it.
A recent presentation by the current assessor’s office referred to increased property tax revenue as “good news” and then proceeded to attempt to justify increased salary costs throughout the department.
Voters in Spokane County are the very source of the increased revenue that they call “good news.” Whether you own property or rent, increased property taxes means higher housing costs for you.
In other words, their “good news” isn’t good for you or me. It’s good for their spending budgets - at our expense!
We have a choice this election between a current assessor’s office insider and a true real-estate professional, with an MBA, who has spent his career controlling costs and maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of a real-estate office.
We deserve an assessor who is objective, fair, and recognizes a duty to the public first!
Please join me and the majority of voters from the August primary in electing Leonard Christian for Spokane County Assessor.

                                                                                                                                            Ronald Goode


   Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA)
   Bachelor's of Science from Embry Riddle
   Associates from Air Force Community College
   Pilot and FAA mechanic
   District Leader and PCO for the Republican Party
   Volunteer Instructor at a Moody aviation
   Volunteer Search and Rescue Pilot


Spokane Realtor since 2005
Former Washington State Representative
(Appropriations, Capital Budget, Government Oversight, Government Operations, Labor & Workforce committees)
Spokane County Board of Equalization (tax appeal)
Certified Negotiation Expert
Graduate of the Real Estate Institute


Leonard Christian receives highest rating and the endorsement from We Believe We Vote.

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Endorsed by the
Republican's of Spokane County


Leonard awarded the Eagle Volunteer Award at 2018 Republican Lincoln Day Dinner