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  • The Spokane County GOP has voted to early endorse Leonard Christian for Spokane County Assessor

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    Thank you for being willing to show your support for the Leonard Christian for Assessor Campaign.  It is people like you who keep him going.


    When Leonard Christian helped us find our home he really went beyond what we expected from a realtor.  Leonard has extensive knowledge of the Spokane real estate market, was meticulous with the paperwork, always answered his phone and made us feel important.  We knew he was busy with his business and community involvement, but to him we were not just another home sold, but rather a family achieving the American Dream of home ownership.  We understand the Assessor's job is more than just an executive manager overseeing budges and people, but also a person the public can trust to be fair, accurate, and treat them with respect.  We know Leonard will be a leader who listens to the people of Spokane and my family trust and supports Leonard Christian to be our next Spokane County Assessor.

                                                                                                                         Robyn Smith

    Leonard Christian and I have worked together as realtors since he retired from the Air Force in 2005 and he knows the Spokane real estate market.  My business is extremely important to me and Leonard is one of just a few agents I have trusted to cover for me when I am out of town.  He is a consistent professional who takes pride in even the smallest details and treats everyone with kindness and respect.    I know Leonard will bring that same high level of customer service, accuracy and professionalism to the Assessor's office.  Leonard Christian has served his country with pride, and is the only candidate with the college education and leadership skills one would expect an executive level manager to have.  I'm Brian Anderson and I will be supporting Leonard Christian for Spokane County Assessor.

                                                                                                                 Brian Anderson

    Spokane County had the second highest number of property tax appeals in the state last year and now Mr. Konis who works as an appraiser wants the voters to allow him to run the office.  In a slideshow presentation prepared by the current management, they shared their desire to expand the size of the office and give the employees pay raises.  It's no wonder every employee in the office has signed a petition supporting him.  But who's looking out for the Spokane tax payer?  Leonard Christian is the only candidate with a college degree who has actually managed a large office.  Leonard has proven his effectiveness as a Washington State Legislator by getting a law passed that protects citizens' personal information.  I know Leonard Christian deeply cares about our community and will explore every option to get the job done under budget and on time.  I believe Spokane taxpayers deserve an exceptionally well qualified advocate who will fight to keep our taxes low and hold the Assessor's office accountable.

                                                                                                                      Jerry Coatney

    Voter's care who supports you.  Please consider adding your name and story to the growing list of endorsements for Leonard Christian for Assessor. 
    Thank you for your support.  Together we will win.


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